Wednesday, October 29

The Duchess

Having been left to my own devices (Tom had to go into work at the last minute) and not wanting to be stuck in the house with food and all the problems that could bring about, I decided to drop Tom off at work and then go see a movie.

What movie?

Now, I hate Keira Knightley - well, I hate her enormous jaw and occasional underbite. But I love Ralph Fiennes and I hear that she can sometimes be an exceptional actress and the movie seems to have been custom made for the demographic of me. I love that time period in Europe - Marie Antoinette (with whom the Duchess of Devonshire was good friends) and beheadings and political upheaval among the classes and fashion and excess - OH! It is just such great stuff.

And, of course, the movie did not disappoint. I was completely mesmerized for the entire film. I bought the book on the way to pick Tom up from work. Happy day.

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