Friday, October 24

I'm Pushing 'Pushing Daisies'

There is nothing better for a TV-aholic than to find a new show with which to addict yourself. I have found a new one that I love.

May I introduce you to Pushing Daisies?

Ah, how I love the characters and wit and vibrant colors. The gist is this: Ned (who grows up to be a pie maker) as a small boy discovers that he has the ability to bring dead things back to life. The caveat is this: once brought back they can live for 60 seconds and then if not put back to "dead" by Ned's touch then someone else must die in their place (it's a random proximity thing). The story is this: Ned brings back his childhood sweetheart, one Charlotte Charles aka Chuck, for good and they begin living in a sort of non-touching domesticity. To earn income they bring back dead people who have been murdered in order to solve the crime and get the reward money.

Ta da! What a winner of a show. If this hasn't captured your fancy - watch the "Pie-lette" (how witty!) and see for yourself.

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