Wednesday, October 8

Little Known Facts About My Father

My dad is an interesting guy. Today he called me while I was at the gym. I'm listening to my book on tape and then I hear the phone ringing and I answer it, panting. "Jo," he says. "I made some apple pie" and long story short he invites us over for a piece.

Did you know that my dad can make apple pie from scratch?

Yeah, he can. He also:
  • makes yummy breakfasts
  • loves dutch oven cooking
  • loves to camp
  • loves the smell of pine trees
  • loves Star Trek
  • loves Westerns
  • reads Louis Lamour books
  • does crossword and sudoku puzzles
  • wears polar bear pajamas
  • likes to wear cowboy boots
  • has a hammock
  • is bald
  • is a teaser
  • loves me no matter what
Love you too, Dad.

1 comment:

Gretzbabi said...

Your Dad had a few tears in his eyes that he won't admit too. He said to tell you he loves you too. And I say thanks that was very nice of you to do and dido!