Thursday, May 22


Cafe Rio makes the most delicious salad. I love eating it. Today is my day off and I have been decidedly unproductive. I was supposed to go to yoga. I was supposed to clean the house. I was going to take a shower. I was going to adhere religiously to my 500 calorie diet. Instead, I napped with Tom, completed a small load of laundry (which has yet to be put away), and went to Cafe Rio.

For those of you unfortunate enough to not have a Cafe Rio in your area, a Cafe Rio Salad starts with a fresh tortilla. This tortilla is topped with melted cheese. Throw in yummy lime-cilantro rice, black beans, guacamole, cilantro, romaine, and top with half creamy tomatillo/half lime vinagrette dressing. Ta da! A treat to blow your diet.

I start by mixing. And I mix and mix and mix until I feel that the salad is ready to be eaten. Then I use my knife and fork to eat bite size amounts until the salad portion hits below the top of the little metal container it comes in. Now I add in pieces of the tortilla with each bite until I'm done. And now I also weigh 2 pounds more. Oh well...

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