Saturday, May 24


Lately, I am obsessed with accessories. I have multiple pairs of adorable earrings, billions of bangles, scarves, watches (for fashion purposes only, of course), funky rings...and I'm always searching for more. My pickiness means that I must keep a vigil lookout for any potential add-ons to my jewelry box.

And that addition will be a beautiful light-weight scarf. They are popping out at me everywhere I shop. The perfect accessory for summer; translucent yet vivid - a provocative slip around the neck. These are super 'in' this season, but I'm not sure I can a) find one I like; b) grow a larger space between my head and shoulders. How can I possibly choose a color? Especially when I take hours and hours to decide. I'm thinking that as soon as I start wearing one, I will want to wear one all the time. Does that mean I should buy hundreds? Or should I buy one staple and stick?

I most definitely want to get in on this breezy, summery, fabulous look I love. I suppose the best thing to do is get a scarf in size "super skinny" and stand tall.

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