Sunday, May 25

The Forgotten Part

People are always paying attention to other people's - and their own - teeth. Are they white? Are they straight? What size and shape?

But what about gums?!?

Gums should be tight, hugging the tooth, and light pink in color. They should not be puffy, red, or loose around the base of the tooth. I pride myself on my fantastic gums. I became obssessed with flossing at a young age. I remember, with great fear, sitting in the dentist chair as the hygenist flossed in between my young teeth. Afterward, my entire mouth ached - like I'd been punched in each individual tooth. The feeling was delicious.

Flossing rids the mouth of microscopic food particles that can not be reached with brushing. Said particles are wiped away from the gum, preventing disease and infection. Proper flossing allows toothpaste and mouthwash to flow into the cracks between teeth and up around the root of the tooth. Without this preventative measure, gingivitis and periodontal disease slowly begin to rear their ugly heads. And with those diseases come continuous bad breath, tooth decay, loose teeth, pain, bleeding, and sensitivity. I am sure everyone would hate that.

So, please remember your gums and reach for the floss. I recommend Johnson & Johnson Mint Waxed Floss. It's easy on gums (especially for beginners) and tastes yummy.

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