Tuesday, May 20

Diet Coke

Diet Coke is the second love in my life. I typically start a can on my lunch break...where I am now. I know I won't finish this can, as I never do. So I will leave it out - warming to room temperature. I will sip it all through my meeting, and then sip it all the way home. I might finish the Diet Coke tonight, but if not, it will sit on the coffee table until morning when I will drink the last drop and crack open a new one. This can will last me until I go to work and start the entire cycle over again.

The taste of Diet Coke is sort of specifically vague. It doesn't really taste like anything, but it somehow tastes good. When it is cold and bubbly, it is a little harsh going down the throat - but not in a bad way. When it is warm, it is sweet and satisfying; the leftover carbonation giving the teeniest thrill.

Over the summer I left an unopened can of Diet Coke in my car. It exploded.

Now, I know all about how bad diet drinks are supposed to be for you. In fact, Tom and I were discussing this very aspect of Diet Coke today. I told him about how people give me so much shit for being a vegetarian and yet still drink tons of Diet Coke. And he told me they were right. But I must protest! Diet Coke helps me stay skinny...and what is worse? Being overweight? Or drinking some Diet Coke? Researchers say that the aspartame in diet drinks causes cancer. However, the whole truth is often omitted. The scientists came to this conclusion after they injected lab rats with amounts of aspartame equalling said lab rat's body weight. Leaving me asking myself: have I drank my body weight in aspartame? My guess is no, as I weigh a tremendous amount.
Long live Diet Coke!!!

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