Saturday, May 31

Home Alone

Sometimes being alone is okay, soothing even. Left to my own devices, I went to the bookstore, a beloved sanctuary. Before Tom and I were married, and we were working like crazy and putting all our money in the bank - we would go to the bookstore as a free date. We would sit smashed together on couches or chairs and read for hours.

Another positive attribute bookstores have, unlike libraries, is the possibility of shopping, buying, purchasing, acquisitons! I love nothing more than to buy a book, read it, and add it to our rather massive personal collection. People are always giving books to me - saying "I've already read it, you can have it." How can they stand it? I am a book pack-rat. I love to see the books in piles around the house; by the bed, on the floor, crowded on the bookshelves, stacked on the dresser. Nothing makes a house a home like books and more books.

I browsed around and bought some new reading material. The three Mary Roach non-fictions ("Stiff," "Spook," and "Bonk") and a bargain book "Labyrinth" by Kate Moss (only $6.98!)

I returned to my empty nest with my additions (after a failed attempt to get a pedicure) and curled up on the couch under blankets for reading and t.v. watching; general vegging. The house is still. I can hear birds outside and the sunshine filters in through the blinds. I'm waiting for Tom to come home, and I'm enjoying the wait.

A fabulous afternoon.

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