Thursday, May 29

A Very Lovely Life

Carrie Bradshaw once had a problem with roof chickens. They wouldn't stop crowing. However, when the veterinarian tells her that the roosters (not chickens...because "they are roosters - roosters crow") were rescued from a cock fight in the city, Carrie changes her mind about demanding they be moved into the basement.

"They had all that fight trauma," Carrie says.
"Don't worry," assures Beautiful Indian Vet, "they have a very lovely life."

I often think about this statement because it describes how I feel about my own life. My existence is quiet and simple. And I also find continuous pleasure in friends, family, and living it up on the town. I am surprisingly content, and that, in and of itself, makes me happy.

So, I liken myself to a roof chicken...with a very lovely life.

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