Friday, May 30

Not Gone Fishin'

Well, Tom is going fishing tomorrow morning. I can not think of a stupider activity to do on a Saturday morning. There are several things wrong with fishing.

- Firstly, I don't eat fish, therefore, I can not enjoy "the catch."
- But that doesn't matter, because I never catch anything.
- If I were to catch aforementioned uncatchable fish, I do not unhook/gut/clean/de-scale fish bodies.
- It's difficult to unhook imaginary fish because I don't like baiting my hook in the first place.
- Why? Because I don't like hooks.
- I don't even like just "going along for the fun of it" because I hate being by the water because of the bugs, sun, mud, sweat, and so on.

Leading me to the only viable conclusion: fishing is stupid and I hate it. End of story.

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