Saturday, December 13

New Obsession

I am absolutely addicted to the Trekking class at my gym. It's crazy - and it kicks my ass hard - but it is fantastic. I'm head over heels in love. Nothing makes you feel as good as running. Running uphill, running as fast as you can, sprinting across the imaginary finish line.

The class lasts for an hour and at the end I am exhausted but surprisingly revitalized. I've got a great natural high. And now my heart is getting super strong and healthily hearty. I've been going twice a week for more than a month now; soon my heart will be able to beat the shit out of all other hearts. Wow. Don't you wish your heart was just as strong?

I sometimes dream that I can run for miles and miles - not at a jog, but at full speed. Running free through fields and mountains, not bogged down by weight or breath.

"Wouldn't it be nice
If I could melt myself like ice
Or outrun my skin
And just be pure wind?"

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