Sunday, December 14

Christmas Portrait

If you are looking for a most excellent Christmas CD - I recommend "Christmas Portrait" by The Carpenters. It has classics and some fun twists on old tunes. And, of course, Karen's voice carries through and makes you feel decidedly 'holiday'-ish. It also has beautiful instrumentals provided by Richard which really make the album stand out from other Christmas CDs, which are usually rubbish.

I've loved The Carpenters since I was a teenager. I was obssessed with Karen - both for her voice and for her sad story. I was immediately hooked on their "sound" and the simple beauty of their music. Their Christmas CD ties in the best of their musical talent and the magic of the holiday season.
Go. Buy. Enjoy.

By the way...please ignore the scary, big, bobble head cover art. It in no way reflects what's inside.

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