Wednesday, December 10

Cave People Died at Age 30

Oh my god. We have been without the internet and TV for 5 days. I know that it doesn't seem like a long time, but it is. It is a really fucking long time.

How do people survive without the internet? How do they access their information? How do they look up show times for movies or how late stores are open or how soon that storm is moving in? How do they check their email/facebook/blog? How do they pay their bills? Do their banking? Play games?

Cave people died young. Their lives were really hard because they were always foraging for food and trying to kill mammoths for food and trying not to become food. Also, they did not have TV or internet. So basically: when they weren't trying to stay alive, they were bored witless. No wonder they died so young. Their lives sucked ass. Think about how much more enjoyable their life would have been if they had "Friends" to watch. Or if they could join and find a more compatible mate - one that would not be upset about trying to get the mastodon smell out of the rug.Our life is decidedly "techish" but I'm not one to complain because I'm not dying at the age of 30 and I'm not bored. I don't mind being semi-dependent on technology because I'm also semi-dependent on oxygen - and to me, there is little difference. A contestant on "Survivor" said that they enjoyed their time because they were able to "detox from technology." Okay, what? Technology is in our lives to better it. It does not control us. We control IT. It is a tool for us to use and use to excess if that is what we choose. Sometimes people tell me that they don't like having a cell phone because they hate the feeling that they can always be contacted, bugged, pestered, and so on. And to those people I say: don't answer your phone. It's that simple. We can use tech stuff to make our lives better and when we don't want to use it, we can put it away. I don't feel that it controls our lives, it simply takes us far and away from cavemen. We've evolved and it's fabulous.

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