Wednesday, December 3

The Jazz Lost

I hate sports, pretty much all of them...maybe not the Olympics. But we went to the Jazz game tonight because it was free. It was pretty fun -even though the Jazz lost and I was told that the Jazz were pretty good and that the home team should almost always win. But anyway. Here are some things I don't know about basketball:
  1. What the "end zone" is called - but I know it's not the end zone because Tom laughed at me.
  2. How long does the score clock go for?
  3. Who's job is it to reset the score clock?
  4. What the fouls are for - I suggested "fumbling" which got another round of laughter.
  5. The names of any players - the only Jazz guy I know is "Boozer" and he wasn't there for some reason. Probably because he knew they were going to lose.
  6. I don't understand the comic I chose.

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