Tuesday, December 30

Everyone's an Idiot But Me

I often become frustrated because I feel like everyone around me is an idiot. I don't say this to be mean -- rather, I say this to vent so that I don't yell at an inappropriate time how fucking retarded everyone is. I'm also not saying this because I'm smarter than everyone. More so, this feeling comes from the inability to say what I really feel. And what I really feel, at least in the beginning, is only a mild sort of impatience with someone's actions. It has nothing to do with their intelligence (or lack thereof) but rather with situational (i.e. diplomatic) requirements which deem me dumb. Then, as the forced silence grows, so does the frustration and it eventually turns to thoughts of "everyone's an idiot but me" despite the original "offense" of the anonymous other being slight. I hate feeling like this.

I can understand why people have aneurysms and die.

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