Sunday, December 21

It's a Mosquito Bite

So... I would rather not talk about this, but I can't help but admit that zits are an annoyance to me. I am now a ripe old age of 25. Shouldn't zits be a long gone story? I have always been fortunate enough to have good skin - I get by with relatively little work (like washing/exfoliating/makeup/acne medication and so on) and it's not like I'm not grateful for my complexion. But any zit is a pain in the ass (er face). Lately I've been getting one huge zit on my chin. Then, as soon as that one is gone, I grow another one. Only one at a time. Red and angry. Personally, I blame all the holiday stress. Oh, and I blame the cold weather for chapping my lips which requires me to wear chapstick to bed which then gets on my chin which clogs pores and causes pimples. The worst part is that I can't stop picking at them. I peel off a layer of skin and then try to leave it alone, but the next day I'll be peeling off another layer. I think that the one zit is more obvious because it is all by itself. I smile, it smiles. I talk, it talks. Like a friend...that I hate.

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