Tuesday, December 9


Please help me find the following items for my household:

  • garbage cans - perfect in size and shape; non-offensive color; not too pricey (after all, it's for garbage)
  • soap dispensers - beautiful and interesting; each shaped differently; color coordinated with its corresponding room
  • dishes - red or with hints of red; modern or classic design (makes no difference); not too heavy; microwavable;
I've been searching high and low - but perhaps you have seen something higher or lower that meets these criteria. I want something I love love love but the search is wearing me down.

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Caitlin said...

I know you probably hate Walmart, but that's where I got my garbage can and laundry basket - both perfect sizes and colors to match my room.

Also, for dishes, my mom loves to look at Macy's. Sometimes they have good deals, so look for sales.