Friday, December 12

12 Days Before Christmas

So, at my work Christmas is the busiest time of year. Many people have to work extra days and extra hours and it's pretty sucky for them...and us. We supervisors try to make it more fun by doing the "12 Days Before Christmas" which is where each day has a theme and we dress up or something fun. See list:
  1. Mismatched Shoe Day
  2. Christmas Trivia Day
  3. 50s Day
  4. Big Hair Day
  5. Dessert Day
  6. Luau Day
  7. Pirate Day
  8. Scarf or Sweater Day
  9. Crazy Hat and Socks Day
  10. Best Dress Day
  11. Red & Green Day
  12. Santa Hat Day

Because I'm working 6 days I will be there for all of them - with the exception of Dessert Day (thank God I'm missing that one) - and I'm planning out my wardrobe. It's a fun (albeit busy) time, but I love it!

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