Tuesday, December 2

Moving In?

So, the apartment that we've been waiting to move into for like 2 months called today and told us that we could move in.


Wait, not quite yet. Tom almost wanted to change his mind about taking the new place when he found out that the ONLY internet option available was Qwest. DSL. Lame.

I know that the internet is not the be-all end-all of the world, but it almost is. How can one function without superfast internet? Information at the touch of a button, blogging, movie times, shopping, TV shows, email, chatting, and on and on. How is it possible that parts of the world are not yet operating on lightning fast cable internet? I hate waiting for civilization to be 100% civilized.

We're taking the apartment - it's too good to pass up. But you can now call us "The Slowskys."

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