Thursday, November 6

Speaking of Legs

Yeah. Mine are incredibly short and stocky.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I have "cankles" because even thought my legs are not long and luxurious, they are still shapely and slightly firm. However, I am glad that my husband is not a "leg man" because my legs aren't long and luxurious.

Sometimes I think about how it would be to buy "regular" length pants or not have to hem dress pants or not have my hems become frayed. Or I will sometimes imagine that simply crossing my legs is the sexiest thing alive because they are slim and nine miles long. But these are short (haha) lived and fleeting.

I work very hard not to hate my legs. I have, like many flawed people, embraced my legs and tried to make them endearing to myself (and hopefully others) in different ways:

  1. I wear skirts
  2. I wear tights
  3. I don't wear shorts
  4. I wear pants
  5. I wear high heels
  6. I wear tube socks at home

See - rather than try to hide my stumpy legs, I try to show them off in cutesy ways. This makes people associate them with "little" or "child-like" or "adorable" rather than seeing them as "unremarkable." Perhaps in a future life I will have the legs to be a model or a ballerina, but in the meantime I will settle for using what I've got to the best of my ability.

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Kenley's Korner said...

I sadly have "cankles" or so Aaron says, I happen to disagree, but I do hate my short, stubby things, but I guess I should start embracing them because I am not getting a leg transplant in this century.