Friday, November 14

Ruggedly Good

Saw the new James Bond movie. Daniel Craig does not disappoint either with his acting nor with his appearance. I grew up with the Brosnan version of Bond, and I thought he was great. But that was until Daniel Craig entered my life. I know that some people out there do not think he is a good Bond - he's too this or too that.

These people are wrong.

Daniel Craig is tough - the toughest James Bond ever. He has no wimpiness whatsoever. And his face is ruggedly handsome, like he's so good looking he doesn't ever have to try and even if the lack of trying makes him a little uglier, it doesn't matter because it actually makes him sexier. Weird how that works, huh? It's really sexy how he throws his body around and just punches people and kills them without caring. None of that "shaken, not stirred" nonsense, just drinking, shooting, killing, and looking damn good. That's the real James Bond. And I love him.

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