Friday, November 21


I have a bad habit of starting projects - or sometimes not even starting them - and then not finishing. I have no follow through. This is one of my worst qualities and I try not to become discouraged and start hate-ing myself. After all, I am an Aries (not that I believe in that crap) and inability to finish projects and birth in April apparently go hand in hand. Maybe someone can help me? Yeah, no. Another Aries trait (again, I claim disbelief) is independence. I will get around to these projects, finish them on my own, and they will be just as fabulous as if they were timely.

List of unfinished projects (order indicating nothing):

  • crochet Mom's quilt from last Christmas before this Christmas
  • sew Kenley's baby blanket (who will be 2 in January)
  • crochet a co-worker's scarf
  • finish piecing the quilt for our bed
  • crochet hats and scarves for the homeless

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Kenley's Korner said...

not to mention my crocheted purse... and the list goes on!