Tuesday, November 18


We have to read this book.

Apparently it can make you pass out - like one of my employees at work on Sunday night - when you listen to it. The book is titled "Haunted" and it is a series of short stories within a frame story. The characters within the frame story write the short stories contained within and it seems like all the tales and the characters are an odd combination of semi-deviant sexuality and scariness.

I guess the story that causes people to pass out (titled "Guts") begins with the line "hold your breath" and either the people are dumbasses and are actually holding their breath, or the story's gruesomeness is very effective. You can read more about it here...but I warn you - just the description is pretty graphic. Said employee was listening to this story when he started to feel "queasy and disturbed" so he turned it off. The next thing he knew my co-worker was standing over him. The girl sitting next to him said that he sort of slumped over and they couldn't get him to respond to them. By the time we got down to him, he was conscious but super green in the face - like he had no blood whatsoever.

We have to read this book. I mean, I hate scary stories and all that stuff, but this is some sort of weird urban legend thing like "The Ring" or "The Grudge" (both of which I have never seen) and we need to do a social experiment on ourselves and either listen to the audiobook or read it and see what all the fuss is about. Who's with me?

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