Monday, November 10

I'm Glad It's Raining

Because that means it's not snowing.

It is difficult to see the positive side of a cold, rainy morning, but it is possible. Don't you think it would be worse to step into a pile of frozen flakes rather than a cold puddle? The snow getting stuck in your shoe and clumping on the hem of your pants. I mean, I think snow is beautiful and everything, but only when you're inside, or perhaps when you're bundled up warm. When you're on your way to work, however, snow is not okay. It sticks to the car. So you have to wipe off the car. And you're on your way to work so you're wearing a dress or perhaps thin dress pants. And your shoes aren't the best for trekking through the snow. And maybe, even worse, you have to scrape the ice off of the windshield. The roads are thick with traffic because the snow is sticking to the ground and everyone is driving pathetically slow to prevent sliding into other vehicles. So your drive to work is a stress filled 30 minutes. And then you're late.

And that's why I hate snow. And why I'm glad it's raining.

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