Wednesday, November 12

Making the Bed

Tom has an unfortunate habit of kicking the sheets out of the mattress. You see, my Granny taught me that when you make the bed you tuck the sheets in all around - making beautiful folds at each edge. This also creates a delicious envelope in which one can sleep. But Tom prefers "cocoon" to envelope, so he thrashes his legs about until the sheets pull free and uses them to create a cocoon of bedding.

And this makes the bed a cluster fuck.

As much as I love making the bed and buying numerous sets of sheets to make our bed a haven, I really hate the daily rearranging and remaking. I like to sleep in a bed where the sheets are pulled tight and the blankets are smoothed over your sleeping body. When you wake the bed is still nearly made and needs only to be lightly tugged back into perfection. Instead, the bed looks like a pile of laundry in the morning and the task of making it all over again stares me in the face. I just look the other way...

PS: This is a picture of someone's ACTUAL bed. Let me just say - their bedding is hideous. Ick.

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Kenley's Korner said...

I totally agree. If aaron is gone for the night and the bed was made that day. The next morning I just slide out and neatly tuck and it's DONE! If he's home....our bed looks worse than the one you have pictured.