Saturday, September 6

Why Don't Things Work

iPods make no sense, so much so that I'm starting to hate them. For some unknown reason, our Nano likes to put audiobooks in the wrong order. It's incredibly distressing when you're listening, and then all of a sudden you're lost; the words don't make sense anymore because you've missed an essential plot point. I mean, the problem may exist for music as well, but who cares about music, really? It can play in any sort of order and it makes no difference. The most frustrating thing is I don't know how to fix the problem because it is completely non-sensical.

  • tracks are labeled in the folder so: 1-01 - meaning Disc 1, Track 1 and so on
  • when they are put into iTunes (don't get me started about iTunes) the tracks still show in the correct order
  • once put on the Nano, they are suddenly in a weird order of track 8 through end of disc, then track 1 through track 7

Okay, I understand if it feels like it needs, say, 10, 11, 12 and so on before 1. Fine. But why start with 8? Bizarre. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

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