Friday, September 26

Rustling Noise

I'm sitting in a meeting and over the sound of my manager's voice, I can hear some sort of rustling sound. I am unsure of what the sound is - but it sounds slightly human. I shift my gaze around the table, looking for the source of the noise, and I land my eyes on one of my co-workers. He is breathing through his nose so loudly that I can hear his nose breath over the sound of human speech. He sounds like a dog on the hunt, or maybe a pre-septoplasty individual. What exactly is going on? Did he just finish running a marathon? Is his mouth suddenly sewn shut and he is in a slight state of panic, causing him to breathe extra heavily?

It makes no sense.

And now, every time I work with this individual, I hear his loud nose breathing. I have previously written about how much I hate mouth breathers, and now I must add loud nose breathers to that list. Which is the lesser of the two evils? I'm not sure. Perhaps people should just breathe normal...


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Gretzbabi said...

So if one had a nose of sort one would not want to comment and would show more compassion to those who do have a problem and can be a problem! If one could us ones nose in the perfect way, such a sticking it up in the air and being judgemental one would not be you; You are sweet and kind and Hate is not a word in your vocabulary! Love ya