Saturday, September 20

Onions Ruin Everything

I went to Mimi's Cafe this morning, despite needing to weigh in tomorrow. Even my strong will caves under the prospect of yummy red potatoes, honey oat bran muffins, fluffy eggs, and best of all, delicious never-bitter coffee. In general, I order an omelette of some vegetarian kind and that comes with choice of juice, choice of muffin, and side of aforementioned red potatoes.

Muffin: Honey oat bran
Juice: Tomato
Omelette: Santa Fe 5 Alarm!

So, I've had this omelette before and it is very spicy and tasty. However, in the midst of my glee at being at Mimi's, I forgot to order it sans onions. As soon as the plate sat down in front of me I knew something was wrong. First of all, the omelette was huge. Fuller and bigger than usual. I cut into it and could immediately smell that unmistakable stink of onion. Onions are gross. I hate them. My entire breakfast was ruined by this potent vegetable because I had to keep picking them out and shoving them to one side. It was like an onion omelette - and once the onions were out, there wasn't a lot left. I'm very sad.

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