Friday, September 19

Under Where?

Ladies out there: let me introduce you to my friend - the thong.
Don't be frightened. The thong is not your enemy, nay, it is your new best friend. Panty lines are only sexy if you're only wearing panties. We don't want to see your granny ass underwear outline poking through your pants/skirts/ski pants. Underwear is supposed to be a private thing. I mean, you wouldn't wear a lacy bra with a t-shirt, would you?

Now, if you really really hate the thong, you can try the boy short. These differ from the thong in that they provide full coverage - so full, in fact, that they eliminate panty lines in most pants, shorts, capris, and even skirts. But beware, if you're wearing something super tight or if you lack sufficient junk in the trunk, they'll still be noticable (perhaps even more so than regulars). Just TRY the thong and see the difference. Your clothes slide on, no gripping or sticking on bulky panties, and your behind always shows its most attractive non-lined side.

Best advice is: wear a thong and you'll never go wrong.

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