Thursday, September 4


I love nothing more than to get a pedicure and I have a very specific routine:
  1. Enter - with book and iPod
  2. Pick out color and sit in chair
  3. Turn on iPod
  4. Turn on massaging chair
  5. Read book during clipping/filing/scrubbing portion
  6. Close book and place in lap when massage portion begins
  7. Relax and close eyes while legs/feet are being massaged
  8. Resume reading during painting portion

My pedicure place knows me well; I never make an appointment even though I'm there once a month. They don't really speak English, which is fine with me. I can come in and not be bothered to make awkward and forced conversation. I just sit back and relax while my feet are prettified. Plus, my place does a great job. The massage portion lasts for about 20 minutes, and includes hot towels and oil. Also, the price is right at only $22 smackers. That is cheap for an hour of selfish indulgence for an area of my body seen by few and appreciated by even fewer.

But if you haven't been getting pedicures, start considering it. You are on your feet all day long; you run, walk, jump, hike, lift weights, lift kids, and all other manners of abuse. Your feet deserve it. They treat you good, and it's time to return the favor. And don't forget: pedicures make your feet softer and smoother, which makes you feel prettier, and that makes everyone happy. one wants feet like this:

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