Wednesday, September 10

The Wheel Turns

When I was a young girl of 16, I met a young boy (some day my husband) and he re-introduced me to reading with a series called 'Wheel of Time.' And I started at the beginning, the first book in a still-not finished group of long, in-depth fantasy novels. While Tom was trying to get me to give the books a chance, I remember him telling me that he's been reading the series since Jr. High and that the author "had better not die before he finishes" because the length of time between each installment was increasing. To date, the series is at Book #12, as in 1-11 are finished and 12 is a work in progress. Last year, the author passed away from a rare blood disorder (you know, the one all the patients on 'House' are diagnosed with, but it always ends up being something else...except for the one time the patient actually had it (if you don't watch 'House' you're missing out)) and we were very sad because now, just as the series was nearing a close, a new author must take his place. So clearly I am invested in the series and I love it dearly, but if you are thinking about undertaking this massive reading treat - get the books in audio form. Even though I have read the books the old fashioned way (aka with my eyeballs) I enjoy them the most when I'm listening to them. The readers of the novels are fantastic and add a new aspect to the characters and the story. I have probably listened to the entire series 7 or 8 times and each time is a treat - even though Tom says I only enjoy it so much because I forget everything so it's like reading it for the first time. Be that as it may, it is still wonderful.

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