Sunday, September 21

A Stink

My workplace is built on some sort of stink factory. Every night, without fail, around 7 or 8 PM a hideous odor begins to slink its way into our noses. The smell is a strange mix of manure and fresh poo from some farm animal - so that it is both fresh and ripe, yet stale and pungent. It's very odd. And stinky. Many employees complain about the stink and I don't know what to tell them. How best to say that apparently our building is built on the bog of eternal stench and that for the rest of our working career at that building it will continue to seep into the foundation and continue its reign of stink? Worst of all, you can't breathe through your mouth to alleviate the intensity of the odor because then you just taste it - and you know that the air is teeming with microscopic particles of shit...or maybe a decomposing body. Sick.

A funny story, though, has managed to come out of the stink hour:

My two friends are working. One of them farts, despite trying to get away and hide their fart. My other friend (the non-farter) says, "Oh no, here comes that farm smell." And then continues to complain about the smell (which is NOT coming from the farm) with exclamations like: "Oh, I hate that smell" and "It stinks soooo bad, don't you think so?" Ha ha.

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Kenley's Korner said...

I could never work there. I hate smells..YUCKY! And I don't think Breck could handle it either...