Monday, February 15

Week in Review

  1. Found out I didn't get the promotion -- but that's okay.
  2. Finished ALL the laundry.
  3. Looked fabulous *almost* every day.
  4. Ate too much -- must do better.
  5. Wrote too little -- must do better.
  6. Finished getting over my annoying cold.
  7. Bought the cutest rice cooker.
  8. Ran errands for my mom -- that made me feel young again.
  9. Danced the night away.
  10. Celebrated being in love.


Tasha said...

I must see this rice cooker.. I had no idea they made them "cute"

Jen said...

ah, you and me and that damn #4...Hey, speaking of food, when are we going to Happy Sumo?