Thursday, February 4


Did you know that my husband has never seen 'Gone with the Wind'?

I've been married to this man for 6 years and he has never seen the movie that made me who I am. Okay, slight exaggeration. Only slight.

I don't expect everyone to read the book -- although everyone SHOULD -- but I do expect all the fabulous people in my life to watch 'Gone with the Wind' and love it. Love it. Absolutely love it. I don't care about "how long it is" and that "it's old and in technicolor" and that "Scarlett is a spoiled bitch" and the whole "slavery is wrong" nonsense. The fact is ... the movie is a wonder. Not only is Scarlett a mark of a fully developed woman, but it also shows the beauty of love and relationships and living with our own choices and all of that. It's epic. I recently re-bought the book because the version I have/permanently-borrowed-from-mom-and-dad is super old and is definitely NOT something you read in the bathtub or throw around in your purse or let the puppy rest its wee wittle head on while you read together in bed. I'm going to re-read it as soon as I make my way through the depressing corn book and all the other library books on my nightstand. February is a perfect month to indulge in a little O'Hara-ness. And it's a great way to start out the year -- because who doesn't want to be more like Scarlett?

And get this: I don't even own it on DVD. (Say what?!?) So I had to rent it from the Library so that we can watch it sans VCR. What a great Valentine's Day present -- hint hint. Oh, but someone please tell my husband that because he doesn't read this blog, therefore making that hint completely useless. Unless one of you want to indulge in my Gone with the Wind all-out obssession ... although, honestly, I'd rather you buy it for yourself and begin your own obssession, or healthy enjoyment, whichever you prefer.


MT said...

It's true - everyone should see that movie...and now you have inspired me to read the book.

(BTW -I've only JUST finished The Book Thief. Yep, took over a year. I'm finally in a place in my life I feel like I might have more time to devote to reading. YAY!)

mostly Kat said...

Hmmm. My husband has never seen it either. I suppose I will have to fix that when he gets home. Maybe I will make him read it to me (and Luke)!