Tuesday, February 23

Not-So-Busy Worker Bee

I've been busy doing too much thinking and not enough doing. And that means that I haven't been writing as much as I should because my head is too full of the ideas I should be putting into my application. (Yes, I'm going to apply for yet another job. I hope I get this one because I reeeeaaally want this one.)

What I hate most is that I'm not actually doing anything more; I just have more to think about. I'm back on my diet, that means lots of thinking about what to eat and what not to eat (exhausting). I've got to finish my application for this new position. IF I get this position I've got to decide if I'm going to apply for graduate school. I'm working on my novel -- so that's floating around in my wee head too. I have work crap to do and all the regular day to day stuff. This is one of my worst qualities. I become paralyzed by my own brain. My mind is thinking thinking thinking and it stops me from DOING. I try to organize my busy thoughts with lists and lists and lists. But it doesn't work. In order to combat the full head I try to empty it with constant entertainment; books on tape, tv, movies, music. And all the while what would really help the most is some goddamned silence but I won't give it to myself. I just keep half-assing everything, spilling out just enough from my over-crowded noggin to keep from exploding.

It took considerable effort to write this lame and scattered post. Help!


Jen said...

I highly doubt you "half-ass" anything.

As for the war with the full head of ideas. I have yet to master that. I have been jolted awake at two in the morning by a whining blog that needs an entry (not the fam, one - The other one)

However, I do feel like setting a timer, or planning a set amount of time per day for a task, does help.

Good Luck. You are accomplishing more than you think.

longge said...