Monday, February 15

Back to the Barre

As of tomorrow, I will become a ballerina again -- or at least on the long road back to being one. Class starts @ 7 PM. It's going to be a challenge but I am really excited. Ballet is my old flame, my first love, the first thing I committed to completely, completely surrendered to. It taught me discipline. Most of the girls I danced with in high school thought ballet was boring and old. To me, ballet is learning your body and controlling your body in a beautiful way. You learn how to hold your balance on two toes, how to slide your foot across the floor, how to hold your arm so everyone wants to look at it, how to twist your head just so, and you do all these things in a single graceful movement. I was born in the wrong body. My mind is the mind of a ballerina, but my body is only 5 feet tall and I tend towards chubbiness. So many times I have hated my body; for it has the power to be great if only it could change. But part of growing older is becoming more comfortable with your self. I know I'm not, and don't have to worry about, being the best. I can simply enjoy the process. My hand on the barre and a perfect port de bras.


Tasha said...

Have fun!

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