Thursday, February 25

Super Sucky

Diets suck.
I am hungry and would really enjoy a HUGE cinnamon roll.
One as big as my head.
(It just about killed me to find this picture.)
But when I think about that I have to remember how much I hate my
tubby belly and
flabby thighs and
mushy arms and
cellulite bottom and
fatty back.
Here's my eating schedule for the day. Please, share in my pain.
9:30 am: Apple
@ Noon: Noodle Soup
2:30 pm: Strawberry and Banana Crisps
5:00 pm: Veggie Sushi Roll
And I have ballet tonight and a weigh-in Friday morning so no more eating after that.
This sucks; I'm already hungry.
It's worth it, though, right?


mostly Kat said...

Perhaps you should stop "dieting" and change your lifestyle. I could say that I am on a diet but really to me a diet is temporary, its not supposed to last your whole life! 95% of the meals I make are from the 'zone'. Which basically is just lean meat (not applicable for you) and fruits and veggies. Surprisingly, it isn't bland and gross. They have really good recipes. We eat this because its part of the cross-fit (look this up) life style. I have never loved my body more than when I cross-fit and zoned. If you did this for even just 6 weeks you would be amazed. The problem is you must work out 6 days a week,(the seventh day is a 'cheat day'), you will puke more than once and you are continually sore. The price of trying to obtain almost perfection! Diet or not I still love you! I'm not sure why I just unloaded all that... I guess it was an attempt to help or maybe give you some ideas. I don't really know!

Jen said...

I weigh in on Friday's too....and then I cry.

Caitlin said...

NO. It's not worth it. You are not eating enough calories to make yourself a happy person! I just reached my goal weight and I still eat plenty of food, it's just the right kind of food. I agree with Kat (even though I don't know her) - you should still be eating protein and a lot of whole foods. You can still eat beans, and have you ever tried soy crumbles? They might be a little to meat-like for you, but I quite like them. If you don't eat enough protein your exercise won't do much good, unfortunately, because the calories you burn will go to repairing your muscles instead of just burning fat. If that made any sense. Love ya! I don't think you need to lose weight at all.

Tasha said...

I am starving just thinking about how LITTLE you are EATING! Eat more! I worry about you!

longge said...