Tuesday, January 20


That is it.

I am officially done (for this week, at least) with going to the gym. I feel like being lazy and lazing about the bedroom. We're leaving for Las Vegas on Thursday and I just don't feel like working out. When we get home, I'll do better. I'll go every morning and eat right and shape up. But for the rest of this week, exercise is persona non grata. Don't worry -- I'm not giving up -- but weeks and weeks of working out as well as weeks and weeks of a stagnant scale piss me off. So before I hate myself completely, it's time for some r and r.

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Gretzbabi said...

You surprise me, I know you got back to it and that the scale told you that it was all worth it. Be happy you are terrific and you won't listen to that cause it is from the non-creditory mom person, but you really are doing well. On to other things that make you think about helping others and doing good, you always do!
Love ya