Thursday, January 22

Midwinter Slump

This is absolutely the most god awful time of year. The excitement of the holidays has come and gone. The excitement of snow has also fled. Now, the days are tedious. The weather sucks ass. The drag of winter extends out into what feels like (and may as well be) eternity. It's no surprise that when people retire and become closer to death they move to some place sunny and pleasant, like Florida or California or Arizona. Who wants to waste the remaining years of their life shoveling snow? Or scraping off the windshield? Or just feeling fucking freezing down to the bone?

Not me. Not you either. Don't lie.

I am currently in the hibernation stage of my midwinter blues. I just want to stay in my house in my bed in blankets and sweaters. And within my house, I don't want to do anything but sleep and eat and watch tv -- with intermittent periods of reading. Some people might call this SAD. Literally. "Seasonal Affective Disorder" is a mood disorder which also has a catchy acronym. Do I think I have it? Who doesn't. (Maybe not snowboarders/skiiers -- they are freaks.) SAD affects most normal people to some degree or another; people who are otherwise mentally picture-perfect during the good time of the year. "Good" being summer or spring or even fall. Basically any time of the year that IS NOT January/February. At least in November and December you have the loveliness of the holidays to cheer you up and surround you with presents and friends and family. In January nothing is going on except MLK Jr Day. Not that this isn't a great holiday representation wise. It's just not a super-fantastic-wish-time kind of celebration.

I think I will maybe buy one of those UV lamps and see if that shakes me out of my hated slump. Go towards the light...

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