Wednesday, January 14


Well, Tom's job is changing and he will have different days off than me for a little while (hopefully) if not permanently (hopefully not). So, I've got to think of some fun hobbies for me to start up on my days off whilst he's away at work so that I don't a) eat the house; b) sleep away the day; or c) spend all our money. Because, you see, I get incredibly bored without anything to do or anyone to do things with. Here are some of the things I'm thinking about taking up in hopes of continually bettering myself and learning a new skill.
  • a painting class
  • cello lessons
  • piano lessons - again
  • a ballet class
  • pottery

Here are some of the downsides to any of these options.

  • I don't know how to paint and am a horrible artist
  • I do not own a cello and I can't really see how this skill set would produce anything worthwhile for quite some time
  • I already know how to play the piano and I don't think my teeny tiny hands are going to grow in the next litte while
  • I am way out of 'dance' shape -- like WAY
  • I can't think of any negatives, per se, of pottery, just that it was last on the list because it was the last thing I thought of, which must mean something...

Despite the potential shortcomings of any of these choices, I must choose one. Because I must prevent overeating, overspending, and oversleeping, as aforementioned. Of course, maybe it would be best to just lose myself somewhere and write all day. Hmm, I hate it when things change and the inevitability of choice enters the equation once again. Routine can be so comforting - but I guess I should just kick my own ass into gear.


Gretzbabi said...

Well dear, your Mom needs a hobby too. How about scraping? or card making, or, how to unpack you house in 3hrs or less and it is Free! Weds are good for me most of the time. Or I would love to do the pottery class, find one in the day or night. Sounds fun, and i also love to pain and you would be wonderful! Very relaxing and creative! Do you need my number or can you look it up, let me know.

Gretzbabi said...

Another thought: how about you giving piano lessons? To me, for real!

Tasha said...

I second that! Teach me how to play the piano and PLEASE PLEASE start Kenley's cute blankie:):):) That's free too by the way!! The stuff was purchased ions ago!

Jen said...

...Or, you can come over to your agoraphobic sister-in-laws house and toss around profanity with her for entertainment...just a thought.