Tuesday, January 13


I hate undone projects around the house. Whether it's ongoing chores or a one-time thing, I can't stand seeing them lying around, mocking me. I have bursts of ambition (usually the day before I actually need to get the thing done) and when the day comes, I will look for any sort of distraction to keep me from doing it. And I really WANT to do them because I want the house to be nice, but I also want to have fun or take a nap or watch tv or go see a movie or go out to dinner...pretty much anything else. Oh well. Here are some things I'm trying to get done this weekend:
  • Unpack books and put on bookshelves
  • Take down Christmas tree and decorations
  • Put up shelves in the garage and fill them with various crap
  • Organize the mail
  • Build the table we bought at Ikea a month ago
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Get a car wash

Hopefully nothing interesting (or uninteresting) will keep me from completion.


Jen said...

That's a good list, hopefully you got it all done. If not, don't despair even when new houses are messy, they look clean. My house is a shit hole right now.

Gretzbabi said...

I am always ready and it realy won't take long, honest! I promise not to yell, @ I will bring the tools! Yes it is your OLD Mom, but I have lots of experience!