Monday, January 5

Personal Grooming

Do you remember in 'Clueless' when Josh asks Cher "Do you know how many hours a day you spend grooming yourself?" This is an interesting question I am asking myself. A brief list of some things I do on some days:
  1. apply makeup
  2. shower
  3. blow dry hair
  4. brush hair
  5. do hair (i.e. ponytail, curling, waving, you know 'doing')
  6. paint nails
  7. file nails
  8. trim nails
  9. get a pedicure
  10. whiten teeth
  11. brush teeth
  12. wash face
  13. moisturize using anti-aging cream
  14. get dressed
  15. put on lotion
  16. shave various areas
  17. pluck eyebrows
  18. wear perfume
  19. wear jewelry
  20. sleep
  21. pop zits
  22. use nose strips
  23. dye hair
  24. trim hair
  25. use hairthings like headbands/scarves
  26. curl eyelashes
  27. pumice heels

Doesn't that sound ridiculous? I mean, I don't do all that shit every day, but goddamn; that seems like an awful lot. I'll have to think of something I can cut out...maybe the sleep. Sometimes I hate being a high-maintenance low-maintenance-appearing female.

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