Monday, April 26

The Search

God, looking for an apartment is terrible. No wonder people buy houses and just live there forever. Moving sucks balls. Hard. Today, whilst searching on KSL, I found 2 apartments in great areas with a fantastic price. They are both gone! My lease expires June 1st, barely one measly month away. There are 2 houses on 8th East and 3rd South that look promising ... but they could turn out to be total crap holes. And the dude won't return my calls. He is listed as the seller for both properties -- another sign they could be dumps.

This could be promising. Super great location and only $800 per month.
Oh, but I just talked to Mary Ann and she said that they already have an offer pending.

Or what about this? I'm going to see it tomorrow -- but it doesn't have ANY on-site laundry.
I've used a laundromat in my apartment complex and I still hated it.
Once you've been spoiled with your own washer and dryer, you can't go back. 
It would be like using an outhouse.

This, however, is the piece de resistance, the love, the want.
It is $1150 a month and is a tad bit further from downtown than we would like,
but it's a beauty. See:
We'd have a little porch.
And a fabulously new kitchen.
A nice living room with hardwood floors.
A lovely second bedroom.
Double sink bathroom.
Tub and walk-in shower.
Master bedroom with walk-in his and hers closets. Perfect.
We wouldn't have a bike in the bedroom.

I'm having difficulty contacting the tenants so I can actually get IN and see the place. I spoke with the landlord and he seemed like a friendly fellow. Cross your fingers for me. I'm hoping for this one to work out.


mostly Kat said...

I love it. My fingers are crossed. Second room aka Kat can crash when she has to much wine at the house warming party!

Johanna said...

That is a fantastic idea! You can crash anytime, regardless of wine intake. I'm going to see it tomorrow @ 5. I'm a bit worried about the price, but we'll see.

Jen said...

lovely second bedroom = Marie's room....