Sunday, April 18

Accidents Happen

Well, accidents are what happen to me when I fuck around with perfection. My blog was looking good and then I decided that I was bored with it and wanted to change the layout. Wrong. I have gone from template to template trying to find something that had 3 columns and represented "my style" (whatever that is) and have, in the process, pulled my hair out AND lost vital information from my sidebar.

Case in point: ALL my family/friend blog links are gone. Do you think I know the addresses to any of those places? Fuck no. I just click on my handy link and blog stalk all of you. Now I have no idea what any of you are doing. It's like the world ended.

Or how about this? I lost the list of EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BOOK I read last year. I don't remember all the books I read; that's why I started a list -- I even wrote a post about the list that I would start. And now it is all gone and what's left is the pathetic one-liner of books completed in 2010. (Yes, I've only completed one book this year; started many, finished uno. Pathetic.)

And don't think that I wasn't smart, well, I started out smart and then became dumber and dumber (love that movie) as the process became more and more degraded. I saved a version of my old template for just this sort of problem. I thought, if anything happens, I have this saved, right here, safe on my desktop. But after all the weird templates and the strange crap they had, several widgets were lost and even though I don't know what a widget is, they're apparently important and NOT saved in your template. Sure, when I uploaded my old template the gadgets were listed as an element on my page -- but were EMPTY.

Fuck. I hate my blog life right now.

So, I hope my layout doesn't piss you off (like it does me) and I hope you still come to read my random thoughts. I will say this about my experience: there is nothing like change to make you re-evaluate what you really want.

Send me your blog links.
And that's Gelsey Kirkland at the top. The best female American ballerina of our time, imho.


Tasha said...

Don't delete the old template, it may still be salvageable!

NOW WHAT? said...

Oooohhhh that sucks ass! I'm sorry about your deleted widgits or whatever those are...that's why I haven't changed my layout for like 5 years. I'm scared I'll lose everything! anyways, your blog is awesome!

longge said...