Wednesday, April 14

Puppy Love

Warning: this post may make you vomit.

Our puppy is 9 months old and she is the best puppy in the world.
Marie Antoinette (big name, little dog) is our Frenchie.

She loves racing Tom up the stairs,
rolling around on the floor,
licking Tom's feet,
sleeping in the middle of the bed,
and she loves pants for some weird reason
-- I think she likes it when our feet pop out the legs.

When we are home together we sometimes lay on the floor with her and let her crawl all over us,
snorting and sniffing and kissing our faces.
When we wake up in the morning,
she stretches on the floor and rolls over so we can pet her belly.
When we drive in the car,
she sits facing the back of the seat so she can rest her head.

All of these things make her nothing but lovable.
And make her nothing but ours.

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