Monday, April 12

Down to Business

I have a confession -- and I am telling it to the world because that makes it more REAL.

The week before December I weighed 114 pounds. I now weigh 127. That's right; 1-2-7. Eee gads. 13 pounds in 4.5 months.

Friends, it's time. I am 5' tall, which means I should weigh, ideally, 100 pounds.

Ahh, 100. This is a goal that I have been striving towards for many many years. During my first year of marriage I gained about 25 pounds, making me tip the scales at nearly (gasp!) 150. I don't think I actually ever hit 150, but I was teetering right on the edge. Now is the NOW. No more procrastination. No more excuses. I was getting so close last year and now I have thrown it down the dumper. But, that's okay. I just have to get back on track. Since I hit the point of no return (size 10 pants), I have been steadily losing weight every year, with an occasional small bump of 5 pounds during the winter holidays. Every year I would say goodbye to the 140s or the 130s and I THOUGHT that last year was the last time I would ever see myself in the 120s. Apparently not. But like I said, I'm not going to become disheartened or hate or pity myself. I have a new job with a fixed schedule and am out of excuses completely. Here is my plan:

Weigh 100 pounds and then cut my hair.
Workout at least 1 hour a day.
Wear the size 00 dress I bought at White House Black Market to a summer party.
Wear a bikini to the beach ... with other people present.
Wear a romper and look fabulous.

My hair is currently down to my butt crack. I am going to cut it to my chin ... when I weigh 100 pounds. Why am I teling you all this? Well, I want your help. I mean, don't we work harder when we have to report our progress to someone? Isn't that why we have a boss? Be my boss, okay? Everyday I will post the previous days' eats, weight, and activities -- look for it under "Going Down" (a separate page I made for my weightloss falala). That's where I think I'll also post some pics of me in my leotard (promise not to laugh at my Asian legs) for before and after reasons. And maybe I'll post my measurements. But for sure, every day, like clockwork, I will post what I ate, what I weighed, and what exercise I did. You don't really need to do anything other than be my confessional. It pays zero dollars per hour.

I'll still be posting my normal blah blah about whatever, so if that's what you come for, you'll still get a dose of that -- perhaps you can just skip over the weight stuff if that's not your thing. To be honest, it's not really my thing either; (I sometimes hate reading/hearing about other peoples' weightloss journeys) I'm much more into parties with food or dinner dates or co-worker potlucks -- but looking fabulous IS my thing and that's my goal.


Tasha said...

We weigh the same.. so let's do this together! However, I just want to lose 11 pounds and be a normal looking human not a miniature skinny bean pole like you want to be:) I got a few work out videos from the library and the one I did today made me feel like dying and throwing up right after, I know that's right up your alley!

Johanna said...

Sounds good, Tash. You should post your progress on your blog -- or you can just put it here as a comment if you don't feel that your weight belongs on your blog. :)

I'm going to ballet tonight. Hooray!

Tasha said...

I don't even own a scale though, so not sure how to post my progress... I did eat surprisingly healthy today.. I guess Jillian is getting through to me.

Foreign Thoughts said...

Comment and a question:

Comment: OK Looooosers. I weigh 128 and I thought that I looked awesome until I read this. Now I'm not so sure.

Question: What is a romper?

Johanna said...

Whatever. You do look fabulous. And really, I look fine, while clothed. But I want to go the extra mile and look fantastic NAKED. I don't know what you look like naked, probably fabulous. And remember, I'm only 5' tall. That's like Thumbelina size.

A romper is shorts and top connected; a one piece outfit. Google it. :)

Johanna said...

Tash, how do you not own a scale?

mostly Kat said...

I will give you all the support you want (except on cutting your hair). I'm not sure how much you cook, but I recommend dinners from the zone diet, you can google this for recipes, or I can give you copies of mine. Super lean, super healthy, super yummy! Also, don't forget that "drinks" can pack/hold weight on. I think now that you have a set work schedule (CONGRATS!) and can workout/ballet regularly the weight will fall off pretty fast!