Tuesday, January 19

Laundry Continued

Well, I wanted to get up early today and finish the laundry. The whites were folded (beautifully, I might add) and put away in their proper place. I slept in my shabby chic sheets and a clean comforter. And all my best intentions were aimed at finishing the laundry today. But it's 10:13 PM and I am running the washing machine -- again -- and fluffing the clothing in the dryer. So, enter plan B. As soon as I am done writing this post I will take the colors out of the dryer and hang up all the shirts (on white hangers in color order) immediately (or immediantely, as some people say) and then I will divvy socks from underwear. Match the socks. Fold the underwear. Put away. It is only due to my love of my closet that I go through this ordeal. I so wish I could throw socks at random into a drawer or hang up clothes willy nilly. But honestly, getting dressed in the morning is hard enough; what to wear what to wear. If the closet is beautified the selection process is decidedly more pleasant.

Sounds simple. I will update you tomorrow on my progress, nay, my COMPLETION.

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