Monday, January 18

Issues with Laundry

Perhaps someone can help me out. I hate myself when I do the laundry. Notice, I didn't say I hate the laundry; I hate myself when I do the laundry. This is why:

I wash.
I dry.
What's in the dryer doesn't make it out -- see previous post.
So what's in the washer doesn't make it out either.
Then I have to rewash.
And rewash.

I have an incredible abhorrence to mold or the smell of mold or even the possibility of mold. That moldy smell is my worst enemy. Sometimes I get a whiff of it from people that I interact with and I am sorry to say, I think, why don't you wash your clothes? Have you ever dried your hands on a towel, only to find that afterwards your hands smell moldy? It's the strangest smell; slightly piney with a hint of sharp old water that's been underground in a bucket. Once you have it, it is SO hard to get rid of. Maybe it's in my head, maybe it's stuck in my nose, but I keep smelling my fingertips, my clothes, the washing machine, the towels -- and I swear it's still there. Stinking. Like mold.

Now, I know that the best way to avoid all the water and detergent waste is just to DO THE LAUNDRY. But it's so hard. I have like 50 gazillion things that I can't dry, so before I can even put them in the dryer I have to sort. This problem is compounded by the fact that I have a strict laundry process. Things have to be washed in a certain order and put away in a certain order. So I can't just take things out of the dryer without the intention to fold, match, hang, and organize. And sometimes I don't get around to that step in my process. So the clothes sit. And I rewash and rewash. Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I alone with clothes that probably don't even smell like mold, but are washed multiple times, because I couldn't get them out. Or get myself out.


Dissasociative Dreams said...

This is me, too!
Countless times, laundry consists of relaundering moldy clothes sitting in the dryer.

I put vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser in the washer. That gets rid of the mold smell. Mold makes me so sick :(

Tasha said...

I don't have the same problem, but I do HATE the smell of mold, but I haven't smelled it on you...