Tuesday, June 7

Wind Sprints

Do this.
You'll love it.

Walk for two minutes.
Jog for a minute and a half.
Sprint for thirty seconds.
Repeat until you want to die.

And when I say sprint I mean RUN RUN RUN as fast as you can.

 Wind sprints are way more entertaining than running at a consistent pace for an hour and the sprint at the end of the cycle makes you feel young and fit -- well, until you're gasping for air and walking off the cramp in your side. My 'walk' speed is 3.0 MPH, 5.0 MPH for the jog, and 7.0 for the sprint. But next time I think I'll push my sprint up to 7.5 MPH until I start to get tired. As I near the end of my session, it takes a LOT of energy to keep my legs moving at that pace and keep from falling flat on my ass. Treadmill burn is not comfortable. Wind sprints have been a welcome addition to my cardio training: a day of stairs, a day of climber, and now wind sprints!

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