Friday, June 3

MBA Application


Well, nearly done. I have completed everything; essay, resume, GMAT, application. All I need to do is enter my GMAT scores (sitting on the table at home) and then press 'submit.' I'm praying to all my gods that it's not too late for me to be accepted this fall. Curse my procrastination. The element that really slowed me down was the resume and essay. My resume was hard because it's all postal crap so it's difficult to explain to an outsider. And the essay was hard because I hate essays of that nature. "Explain your motivation for entering the program" and blah blah blah. Who cares? Shouldn't that be something you ask me in the interview? I think so. Plus, I have a tendency to either wax sarcastic or start to tell an all too personal narrative ... like this:

My desire to enter the MBA program is because I feel trapped by my job. The money is good but the work tends to be uninteresting to myself and to other people. I tried to get away a few years ago by going to China but that didn't work out so well and after a short month I ended right back where I was but sans car and dignity. What I really want to do is be a professional writer and make a living that way but in order to have the means to write a lot I need lots of money so I guess I'll get an MBA in hopes that I can make more money and have a more interesting job. I mean, let's be honest; I should work somewhere at something that is just as interesting as I am. And my best asset for management is my political aplomb (i.e., people like me). Rock on.

I wonder how an essay like that would be received by the review board.

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